Bottled Up

02/24/2018 19:00 to 02/24/2018 20:00 (Europe/Brussels)

Bruxelles, Belgium

Jeanie is a hoarder of bottles.

Plastic bottles, preferably.

(No one’s perfect)

She’s set on the future.

But someone from her past won’t stop calling.

And she’s struggling to keep it all together

A solo-show created and performed by Colleen Cameron, Bottled Up explores eco-anxiety and the irony of living in a world of plenty.


TICKETS €5 (cash at the door)

Performed in English.

A Note on Plastic

Reducing the impact of plastic on the eco-system is a topic of great importance, and will remain so for the next decade. It’s been debated for years already. I remember at eleven-years-old holding a biodegradable plastic bag for the first time. It was a ‘posh’ bag in my mind; it was expensive. Twelve or so years on and it is still expensive. The plastics industry in Europe is an ever-expanding market, and there is a huge annual turnover for its producers and investors. It’s important that we acknowledge this. We are able to survive without using plastic. It’s so present in our lives because it’s continuously being sold as a necessary material for our way of living. It is not.

I came into this creating process not only to put some answers to my own whirring questions, but to find a way of making this issue into a story that could speak to someone. An active awareness of your plastic consumption will have a bigger impact on the plastics industry and environment than you may imagine.


Creative process

In 2011, the distinguished physicist and Oscar winner* Michael Wadleigh spoke at my school of his research on the depleting World’s Resources. I was seventeen. It was a startling speech; Michael spoke the truth about the pressure we are putting on the Earth. That speech marked a change in my view of the world, and I started asking different questions. The seeds of Bottled Up were sown then.

After my training as an actress at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Glasgow) and Le Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique (Paris), I lived and worked in Edinburgh for a year. I refer to my time there as a year of intense artistic awakening: everything I learnt at both Drama Schools had the time to settle in me and I saw as much art, theatre and film as possible, I devoured novels, essays and poetry - and I began to write. I had the space to sift through all my thoughts; searching for nuggets of gold. I wrote everything down.

The rest of the creative process evolved here, in Brussels. I wrote countless scripts, each one exploring a different avenue. It was a demanding process, and I was lucky enough to have the support and the space to discuss and rehearse scenes at UMBRELLA FACTORY ASBL with the woman who taught me my foundations in theatre; Lynne Vaughan.

The creative process allowed me to act-out and fully investigate how I see the world, how I see society. It’s a fast-paced, throwaway culture that is both nauseating and stifling, whilst being incredible and full of wonderful choice at any time of year. I had an insatiable desire to express the risk of plastic consumption, not by making it a lecture, but painting it through the eyes of a character – to see it through her story and situation.

I wrote the draft of the final version, the one you’ll see here tonight, between 12am and 5am in bed. After a few weeks of not returning to my writing process, there it was – an image of how I wanted to tell this story. I was going to need a lot of bottles (!) so I asked my peers in the Anglophone theatre community to start collecting. These friends of mine are now, unknowingly, involved in the creative process too. Their curiosity about why I was asking them to collect bottles introduced a period of considering used plastic as having potential for something other than the dump.

                                                                    - Colleen Cameron

*Director of Woodstock (1969/1970)

“The most we can do is to write – intelligently, creatively, evocatively – and about what it is like living in the world at this time.” 

                                                                    - Oliver Sacks


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l'USINE, Salle Noire
Rue du Doyenné, 40
    1180 Bruxelles


From 02/24/2018 19:00
To 02/24/2018 20:00

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