The Residents 

Nomadic and Sedentary

From 2015 on, the existing activities have been strengthened and complemented by other ones within the spheres of art, culture and nutrition. These activities are held in a warm and welcoming environment open to its neighborhood.

Today, l’USINE brings together many different projects allowing the artists to further develop their creativity within the spaces available;

  • Using the four multipurpose spaces available to them, participants regularly organize classes, trainings, exhibitions, etc.

  • L’EPI, a co-op grocery store, opened its doors to the public in July 2015

  • Many spaces such as the garden surrounding the building will be used, if not already, for urban farming; a chicken coop, aquaponics, passive solar greenhouses – these are but a few examples.

  • Thirteen private workspaces are permanently occupied by artists and craftsmen such as:

Andy Farrow - Jewelery / Isabelle Happart - Engraving / Michel Clerbois - Multidisciplinary art / Mireille Sartor - Painting Nete Yde Olsen - Painting / Anne Bertrand - Painting 

l'USINE's objective is to welcome and smooth the path towards the accomplishment of various artistic, cultural and crafts related projects made by and for people.